Efe Tozan

Composer / Producer


Fault Silence The Pedant, Alice in Dissonance/Project Written/ Sekai Project, 2017
The Last Birdling, Invertmouse, 2017
Landless, Codebullet Games, 2017
F-Clash, Pixeled Vision, 2017
Gates of Hell, Barbed Wire Studios/ Best Way Soft, 2017
MechaGore,  ImaginiteSoft, 2016
Metronomicon, Puuba/ Kasedo Games, 2016
Holodance, Narayana Games UG, 2016
Remnants of the Precursors, Pretend Studios, 2016
Varış noktası (Short Film) Akis Film Productions 2016
Roll'd, MGP Studios/Forever Entertainment S.A. , 2016
Blood of Magic, Stoneworks Games, 2015
Without Within 2, Invertmouse, 2015
Vizaris, Strike Games, 2015
I Shall Remain, Scorpius Games, 2015
Cursed Sight, Invertmouse, 2015
HYPT, Empl Studios/ Black Shell Media, 2015
Without Within, Invertmouse, 2015
Super Tiny Monkey, Hobbi Games, 2015
Demented, Intercido, 2015
Coloring Book Series 27, 28, 30 , Dataware Games, 2015


© 2017 by Efe TOZAN

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Fishing: Barents Sea

This game is a simulator/strategy game for PC, which puts you in a role as a fish boat captain on small fish boat located in the Barents sea.

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