Efe Tozan

Composer / Producer


Fault Silence The Pedant, Alice in Dissonance/Project Written/ Sekai Project, 2017
The Last Birdling, Invertmouse, 2017
Landless, Codebullet Games, 2017
F-Clash, Pixeled Vision, 2017
Gates of Hell, Barbed Wire Studios/ Best Way Soft, 2017
MechaGore,  ImaginiteSoft, 2016
Metronomicon, Puuba/ Kasedo Games, 2016
Holodance, Narayana Games UG, 2016
Remnants of the Precursors, Pretend Studios, 2016
Varış noktası (Short Film) Akis Film Productions 2016
Roll'd, MGP Studios/Forever Entertainment S.A. , 2016
Blood of Magic, Stoneworks Games, 2015
Without Within 2, Invertmouse, 2015
Vizaris, Strike Games, 2015
I Shall Remain, Scorpius Games, 2015
Cursed Sight, Invertmouse, 2015
HYPT, Empl Studios/ Black Shell Media, 2015
Without Within, Invertmouse, 2015
Super Tiny Monkey, Hobbi Games, 2015
Demented, Intercido, 2015
Coloring Book Series 27, 28, 30 , Dataware Games, 2015


© 2017 by Efe TOZAN

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The Last Birdling

Bimonia is one of the last Birdlings alive on this earth. The Birdlings see humans as sworn enemies, and Bimonia has been taught to kill on sight. One day, Bimonia meets Tayo, a human child hunting in the forest. Bimonia fails to kill Tayo, and they instead become friends. Mother will be furious if she finds out, or worse, this relationship may cause tension between the two races to erupt.

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